Impotence affects not only a man's life but his partner's life as well. It is a common position of society to view impotent men as less masculine, making them feel not self-confident and inadequate. Men feel confused or ashamed of being impotent. This can lead to severe problems like psychological disorders and problems in the relationships with the partner.

There are two types of impotence:

    - Occasional impotence can be experienced by most men particularly when first starting a relationship and/or when young, inexperienced men are suffering from nerves or embarrassment, and this would rarely affect relationships.

    - Long term impotence/erectile dysfunction which usually affects men of forty years old plus, can have a destroying effect on relationships though effects can vary mainly according to the self-esteem of both partners.

    When a man constantly fails to perform a normal sexual act due to the inability to get an erection, he usually can behave as follows:

    1. Blame himself.
    2. Blame his partner.
    3. Deny there’s a problem.
    4. Withdraw from the relationship.

Such attitude towards the problem of erectile dysfunction can cause lots of misunderstandings in a couple. Women often feel in such case that they are no longer attractive to their partners or even that there is another woman.

Such thoughts often result in constant conflicts leading to the disgust to each other. Men are ashamed to confess they have a problem – the disease called erectile dysfunctions. Women feel irritated instead of trying to clarify the situation. So both partners behave incorrectly.

However, if the problem is viewed otherwise, there is a possibility to overcome it. First of all it is necessary to admit the problem, to confess and to seek help through Viagra, Cialis and other ED drugs. These drugs invented especially for such cases represent real solution of the problem. However, it is recommended to consult with a health care specialist or psychologist for a correctly selected drug.

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